This weekend's SNL debuted another digital short, "A Special Box" (think "Lazy Sunday," but with Color Me Badd and dicks in boxes instead of nerds and Narnia matinees) that NBC obviously hopes may inspire the same kind of viral video frenzy that the network enjoyed with last December's hip-hop ode to the simple pleasures of cupcakes and leisurely weekend afternoons, as they're already offering an uncensored version on their website, hoping to render obsolete the liberally bleeped clip originally broadcast on Saturday night that legions of fans have already let loose on the YouTubes. Above, we share the efforts of one resourceful YouTuber to set free NBC's unbleeped, schlong-positive version by streaming it onto a TV set and recording the result with a video camera; enjoy, knowing that we are probably only minutes away from a lame West Coast response to the video, "Cock in a KFC Bucket," courtesy of some publicity-hungry actors from recently canceled sitcoms.