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Chingchonggate may finally be blowing over, but even casual watchers of The View know Rosie O'Donnell's tenure at the yapfest won't be long. Case in point: O'Donnell's rambling diatribe on the alien, rich-lady ways of Barbara Walters (pay special attention to Walters' patented DeathStare), whose penchant for throwing dinner parties not featuring a communal macaroni salad bowl led O'Donnell to practically rally the audience to rise up against her boss and join a people's revolution. Now, a press release from Extra gets Rosie to address rumors that she wants to take over from retiring Bob Barker to host The Price is Right:

O'Donnell addressed rumors that she is leaving her job at "The View" to host "The Price is Right." O'Donnell said, "See I want 'The Price is Right,' but nobody's offered me 'The Price is Right.'" About her current contract co-hosting "The View," she revealed, "It is a clause in my contract [allowing her to take over Bob Barker's job], but they apparently don't want me...which is sort of sad...because I have visions for 'The Price is Right.'"

We have no idea if there really is a "Come On Down!" escape clause in O'Donnell's View contract, but assuming this is not a joke, we're praying Barker's legacy isn't sullied with the introduction of O'Donnell's unsubtle comedy stylings into Price is Right's delicate game show chemistry. Besides the unsettling image of the plus-sized host flanked on all sides by her "O'Donnell's Beauties," we can barely stomach the thought of valuable game time being taken up by on-camera apologies in which the comedian is required to explain how she had no idea screaming "ARRIBA, ARRIBA, ANDALE, ANDALE!!!" at a contestant of Latin American descent during a round of the Clock Game could be construed as culturally insensitive.