'Grub Street': Cum-Guzzlers?

We like the oddball food trend piece as much as the next person, but the latest Japanese-imported supposed fad tests the limits of our (and, ostensibly, Grub Street's Daniel Maurer's) endurance. The foodstuff in question? "Cod milt, also known as shirako, also known as kiku, also known as — okay, no getting around it — cod sperm." How is the cod milt harvested, and how is it prepared/served? The piece provides no answers, opting to focus instead on listing a litany of other phallic foodstuffs, like bull penis. By way of conclusion, Maurer asserts that " izakayas (and cod sperm) are having their moment." We don't know — since we haven't yet read about 'milt' elsewhere, this kind of reeks of a constructed fad to us. Long story short: we're not swallowing it.

Increase Your Virility, Foodie Cred [Grub Street]