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Last night, Chelsea Clinton was observed in a state of extreme inebriation at a bar on 2nd Ave and 2nd Street called, cleverly enough, "2nd on 2nd." This is a Karaoke bar. Time was after midnight, but before 1:00 am. She was being propped up against a wall by two friends, without whom she would have slumped to the floor. Her hair was "up." She was eventually escorted out of the bar by her friends, a guy and a girl. Seriously, how often does anyone see Chelsea Clinton anywhere (ed: quite, actually), much less wasted? Turned out to be a double dipper, because Tom Green was there as well. He sung a few songs on Karaoke. None of us can remember which. He was wearing a beard.

Gawker, Friday, December 15

Clinton, who works at consulting megafirm McKinsey & Co., was holed up in a private room in the back of the bar with a group of friends, while Green was on the clock, hosting a Yahoo-sponsored talent competition in the main area.
Worlds collided sometime after midnight when Clinton emerged into the main room, looking, according to another eyewitness, like she had quelled her stage fright with a bit too much liquid courage. "She had to be held up against a wall by two of her friends," says the witness, adding that they escorted her out of the bar and, presumably, into a cab.

Radar, today

To be fair, they did call the bar for confirmation. And they got it! Guess that's where the "exclusive" part comes in.

Chelsea Clinton and Tom Green Like 'Islands in the Stream' [Radar]

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Update: As so many of you have pointed out, Chelsea no longer works for McKinsey. So maybe that's the exclusive.