LOCKHART STEELE — More Valley news! clamor the masses. And with that, linkdump time!

  • Dan Rosensweig, soon-to-be-ex-exec at Yahoo (he's leaving in March because of the recent re-org) is going to be joining Bono's The ONE organization as its board co-chair. [AP via The Merc]
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  • This genius new site is protean at best, but oh, the potential. If it hasn't topped 100 reviews by nightfall, my pain will be complete. [RateAVC.com]
  • Social network Friendster rolls out revamped profile pages, including the ability to display one's last name. Will the innovation ever cease? [Friendster]
  • Liberal bloglike-entity The Huffington Post poaches a certain James Smith from Advertising.com to "be in charge of all revenue streams." We wish him well with the job, especially this sure-to-be-fun part: "Smith's duties will also include overseeing the Huffington Post's relationship with IAC Advertising Solutions." [MediaPost]
  • Sequoia's blogger in the trenches, Jason Calacanis, says business social network LinkedIn is at a tipping point of actual usefulness. Jesus. Guess I shouldn't have deleted those 600 LinkedIn friend invites over the past few years. [Jason Calacanis]