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Like the family Golden Retriever plopping your favorite pair of slippers by your feet, we bring you yet another year-end critics' list round-up:
· We like The Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association's style: No confusing nomination procedures rewarding regular and "Texan" film—just a straightforward list of winners. United 93 takes another best film honor, as United Airlines executives start to feel more and more conflicted over the scads of free integrated branding they'll probably enjoy at this year's Oscars ceremony. Helen Mirren, Forest Whitaker, Martin Scorsese round out the big categories. [Variety]
· The AP reviewers list their top 10 films of 2006: The Queen, United 93, and Little Miss Sunshine make both lists, while Snakes on a Plane makes neither. Luckily, Stephen King compiles his own list for Entertainment Weekly, so the movie that you either wanted to see, or for the most part didn't, doesn't come away completely empty-handed. [AP, EW]
· The Queen's director Stephen Frears, writer Peter Morgan, producer Andy Harries and star Helen Mirren have all been invited by the real Queen's secretary for lunch at Buckingham Palace, where they'll either be subjected to Her Majesty's glowing words for their honest yet humanizing depiction of the monarch during a time of national crisis, or never be heard from again. [Time Out]