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We generally applaud the forthrightness of blog-to-book success story Jessica Cutler. So when she asks for it, who are we to say no?

I'm at that age when I should start wearing eye cream. It makes my eyelashes thicker and fuller, which is nice, but I remember snooping through my boyfriend's wife's medicine cabinet and laughing at all of the "age-defying" products (and stealing the Klonopin) therein. Now it's my turn to get old and I don't like it. So this week, I'm consulting a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. [Later] You're still young," the dermatologist told me, "Botox would be a waste of money for you at this point." He gave me a prescription for Retin-A instead. I'm so relieved that I'm still in the "preventative stage" of aging, but I'm going to a plastic surgeon for a second opinion. If there's a way to look better, I want to know about it.

Do you think there's a way for Jessica to look better? Please, let her (and us!) know!

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