Trade Round-Up: Rocky's Riviera Memories

· On the eve of Rocky Balboa's release, Sylvester Stallone once again tries to mine his fading movie star glory for promotional purposes, misting up over a 15-year-old picture of fans worshipping him at Cannes. [Variety]
ABC greenlights a pilot for the U.S. version of the British drama Footballer's Wives, Football Wives, which has been moved to the world of the NFL so that American men can be tricked into watching it at least once should it ever make the network schedule. [THR]
Jimmy Fallon is red-hot, at least for a single Var story: The actor will star with Sharon Stone in the indie drama Eliot Rockett, then will co-write and star in an untitled, top secret comedy for Universal. [Variety]
· NBC wins the Monday night ratings race behind Deal or No Deal and new game show Identity (think of it as "people shouting at other people"), which helped the network overcome a momentum-stopping Studio 60 repeat in the 10 p.m. timeslot. [THR]
Hollywood Out of Ideas, Basic Cable Edition: AMC will remake the 60s sci-fi series The Prisoner, a doubly unimaginative move when one considers Universal is already adapting the show into a feature. [Variety]