Barry Diller's Rooftop Fiesta

LOCKHART STEELE — This here is the rooftop at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. In official photos like this, it looks sedate and dreamy. In real life, it looks something more like these photos—a sort of body-to-body insanity best avoided at all costs. (Noise from the roof is famous for haunting the neighbors, which won a prolonged battle to make the hotel install "silencers.")

We digress. Point is, Barry Diller's InterActive Corp. is having its holiday party on the roof tonight. (We're assured by those in the know that Barry will, in fact, make at least a cursory appearance. Plus there's always Michael Jackson to shmooze with in hopes he'll toss you a buyout offer.) Your invite is straight ahead.

Barry Diller's Rooftop Fiesta


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