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Hot, breaking news from Socialiteland—Tinsley Mortimer has won the final New York Social Elite Power Ranking of the year on Socialite Rank, narrowly beating out such competitors as Fabiola Beracasa, Rachel Roy, and Zani Gugelmann. We'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to The Tinz, who is starting to look like the cockroach of the socialite world—she just won't go away—but also take this opportunity to note some of the statistics that Socialite Rank helpfully compiled for us. It's quite "revelation"-al. (Oh, and also, what's the deal with Page Six's most non-blind blind Tinsley Mortimer item ever?)

The stats—including a Melissa Berkelhammer shout-out!—after the jump.

  • 11 - Number of times Tinsley Mortimer finished the ranking period at the top spot
  • 21 - Number of ladies on current top 25 list with whom we interacted by e-mail
  • 2 - E-mails received from mothers of the high-profile socialite
  • 18 - Letters received with requests of the socialites' personal information for purposes of dating
  • 2 - E-mails received from Melissa Berkelhammer
  • 1 - Fan letter received from an A-List celebrity (Salma Hayek)
  • 3 - E-mails received from individuals claiming to have seen socialites doing narcotics in public
  • $55,000 - Offered to us in May by a businessman in New York for revelation of our identity
  • 4 - Cover articles offered to us by high-profile publications in exchange for revealtion of our identity
  • $9,000 - Average Cost of a Private Investigator that one of ladies allegedly hired to unmask our hidden identities
  • 157 - Interview requests from the press
  • 35 - Interview requests granted
  • 14 - Individuals who were accused of contributing to this site in print
  • 0 - Individuals who publicly admitted association with the site
  • 6 - Socialites who complained about their pictures in writing

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