It's the sort of drama written for Second Life nerds. CNET writer Daniel Terdiman nabbed an exclusive! hot! interview with supposed second-life millionaire Ailin Graef. After the interview started, Terdiman and Second-Life publicist were assaulted with animated flying penises. You can't make this crap up. But virtual reality geeks can.

To read CNET's account of the penisful incident, follow the jump.

On Monday, Graef visited CNET's Second Life bureau for a discussion about her business, how best to set up businesses in Second Life and the nature of competition there.

Unfortunately, as the interview was commencing, the event was attacked by a "griefer," someone intent on disrupting the proceedings. The griefer managed to assault the CNET theater for 15 minutes with—well, there's no way to say this delicately—animated flying penises.

It's not clear why the griefer attacked, but Anshe Chung is controversial to some Second Life residents for reasons such as inflexibility on land pricing, the signs she has placed in many areas of the virtual world that are visible to anyone flying overhead and her ability to get many residents to sell their land to her.
The biggest challenge was the established elite that existed in Second Life before I joined.

Chung refused to continue the interview in the CNET theater but agreed to go on in her own space.

Once restarted, the interview was attacked again, and the protester even managed to crash the entire server on which Chung's theater is held.

But after restarting and bringing back the audience, Chung talked with CNET for nearly three hours.

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