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Michael Stoppelman, brother of Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, is in no danger of being called a manly-man. The Google coder and occasional male model is apparently competing for the wussy title of BlissGuy, in a contest held by swanky Bliss Spa. (The winner becomes the "face" of Bliss' soon-to-be released men's line, a year's worth of products and facials, and a meeting with a model scout.)

Contestant Michael Stoppelman no doubt caught the judges' eye. Not only does the personable brunet have brawny good looks, he has brains, to boot: The 25-year-old is an engineer at Google. Asked about his chances of victory, Stoppelman said, "We'll see. It really depends on what they want the BlissGuy to embody. I told them that I straddle the fence between 'pretty' and 'rugged guy.' "

He's right. Lots of rugged dudes get regular facials and enjoy Bliss spa treatments.

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