In this edition of the stalk: Judith Regan and Rush Limbaugh, Bono and Sean Penn, Tinsley Mortimer at Krispy Kreme, Julia Stiles, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brokaw, Brittany Murphy, Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe, Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford, Lizzie Grubman, Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Swank, Paulina Porizkova, Barbara Bush, Hope Davis, Kool Keith, Rachel Dratch, Jackson Pollis, Ellen Barkin and Ralph Fiennes (again), Andy Samberg, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Claire Danes, John Waters, Tony Bennett, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley, Stephen Baldwin, Ben Stiller, Yoko Ono, and, breaking our steadfast reality show contestant ban, a delicious Project Runway sighting.

Judith Regan, dining with Rush Limbaugh, at AJ Maxwell's Steakhouse at 3pm.

Bono and Sean Penn were having a rip roaring good time at The Spotted Pig tonight around 11:30. The bartender kept the drinks flowing at their table and the gents were very kind to a few fans who approached for photos. I walked by their table, pretending not to notice, and Bono said, "Darlin' don't you want a photo with a rock star and an actor?" and I said, "No, not particularly." Bono responded, "Come on, then, have a photo with us," and he made an awkward-looking-but-obviously-huge-fan take a picture of the three of us. I made no effort to mask my annoyance, which made Bono even chattier. Sean Penn was pretty quiet. Both nice guys.


Not that I think she is a celebrity, but I saw Tinsley Mortimier at Krispy Kreme on 3rd avenue between 84th and 85th on Friday night at 9:30. She was sitting down at a table with her husband and a friend, looking through the Sun and the friend exclaimed "look, that's you" and pointed to a picture in the paper. Wearing tons of makeup, fake eyelashes and a big white puffy coat.

Julia Stiles - 20th and Broadway @ 2:30 PM: Wearing a bright pink wool coat, listening to her ipod. Had a perplexed little frown on her face.


I was walking by Ninth and 14th Street and saw Mark Wahlberg in a tuxedo looking very hot! He was with a balding white dude and disappeared on the red carpet of a Hennessy Paradis event. He is taller than i expected and a lot sexier. He was sporting a little scruff too.

I was sitting in the lounge at Per Se and in walks Tom Brokaw. Looked fantastic.

Brittany Murphy spotted looking very slim and shady in black coat, tall heels and sunglasses outside of the Daily News Building this morning. She graciously hugged many a man-titted fan.

Spotted, Saturday the 16th at 3:30pm: Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe enjoying the perfect late lunch/early dinner - fries and a salad. Might as well report the sighting as it's the end of going to the Spotted Pig when it isn't crowed as we know it.

My girlfriend grabbed my sleeve as we were dining to alert me of the fact that Ralph Fiennes, her fantasy world boyfriend, was dining across the room with Helen Mirren, Taylor Hackford, and to my girlfriend's dismay, what appeared to be Ralph Fiennes's girlfriend (younger, blond, pretty cute). Most people gawked, but let them sup in peace—after all, we are in NY, not CA—until one drunk dude stumbled over and said to Helen Mirren, "Someone should tell the queen that she could be fuckin' hot like you." The maitre'd promptly asked him to leave. The celebrity table giggled as the drunk dude left.

Lizzie Grubman chowing down with a couple of goombahs at sasabune on the upper east side. she looks enormous.

9:30 PM Bank St. at Greenwich Ave. Harvey Weinstein in back seat of car unapologetically, voraciously picking nose while his driver
tried to parallel park.

Monday, 12/18/06 9pm: Just ate one table away from Hilary Swank at The Strip House.

Tues. 12/19 Paulina Porizkova at the Ricky's on 3rd and 13th, wearing curlers. Not even a scarf or a hat over the curlers, for chrissakes. Asked for help buying hosiery, and for some reason she pretended not to know the word for what she wanted. Hasn't she lived here about 25 years now ? Anyway, saw her again a few minutes later at the Duane Reade up the block. Perhaps they had those "stocking things that go all the way up". Um...they're called 'pantyhose'...

I saw Barbara Bush (aka The Good Twin) on Sunday afternoon, strolling around West Village with a gal pal. She was looking kind of.... HOT. I always thought she was kinda frumpy-librarian, but she made this gay guy question his sexuality. She was dressed head-to-toe in black with a flowing shall and black sunglasses. No secret service in sight. No plastic kegger cups in her back pocket. No Fabian B.

Saw Hope Davis at about 3:30 this afternoon walking down 6th avenue in the 30s. she was eating something. no makeup, pretty though, and nose all red from the cold.

I was sitting across form Kool Keith on a downtown 6 train. He was leaning against the doors and looking around the train with this huge grin on his face. Every so often he would chuckle. Actually, I think I saw Dr. Octagon.

Rachel Dratch at 9th and 14th, looking tiny but otherwise exactly as one would picture a slightly-odd looking sitcom/SNL actress. Talking excitedly on her phone and mentioned her "crazy life", which must be a catch-all for stuff like "my best friend had to demote my ass." And then...Jackson Pollis! Saw him having a smoke while I waited to get into the SPIN party at the Maritime on Monday. Dude has some scarily skinny legs—I'd call them chicken legs but that'd be an insult to chickens.

Saw Ellen Barkin and Ralph Fiennes, each with respective dates (I say that 'cause both were a bit affectionate with their companions),
dining together at Victor's Cafe on 52nd around 10:30 tonight. Good
looking party of four—Ellen's date was HOT (and really young for

Just saw SNL new guy Andy Samberg leaving hiro at 16 and 9th after a spin magazine party. Left very early with 4 chicks. No idea if his dick was in a box or not. Will assume it was.

A sizeable representation of the NYU graduate Cinema Studies
department saw SJP and Matthew Broderick eating dinner at Telephone Bar on 2nd Ave and 9th st, and proceeded to ruin their meal with drunken ogling and not-at-all-discreet photo taking.

Saw Claire Danes with random female friend waiting for a table at Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan St. last night at 8pm. She was very blond, pale, and skinny.

Saw John Waters outside the Strand at 12th and Broadway, around 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 20. Looked pretty dapper, with a respectable coat and scarf. It was the mustache that gave him away. Definitely the last person I ever expected to run into on my way to work.

Saw Tony Bennett crossing 57th and 6th today. Hair didn't move once. Kept to himself, ignored by stupid midtown tourists.

I saw Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley today at about 1:30pm in the Aaron Basha Jewelry store at 680 Madison. They were shopping for a baby shoe charm.

Saw Stephen Baldwin at Starbucks (60th and Broadway) around midnight last night. He sat with a few people (including his wife) who were also "Born-Again Christians" talking about his book and God in general.

Arriving outside the theater for Martin Short's Fame Becomes Me Tuesday night, I paused at the curb and said to my friend, "It smells like grilled meat." Her response: "It must be Ben Stiller, he's right next to you."

Sat about 15 feet away from Yoko Ono at Sean Lennon's concert tonight at the Bowery Ballroom. She was decked out in the usual black hat, sunglasses and clothing. Sean rocked in his shiny suit!!!

This person might not count as a celebrity under other circumstances, but these were delicious: I was getting my haircut in the Village (Gemini Salon on Hudson and Perry). When I was paying, suddenly next to me is Malan Breton from Project Runway—and he asks, in his unmistakeable accent, "Is this where I come to get my lashes dyed?" They pointed him downstairs and off he went. HIS LASHES DYED. Perfect.