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NICK DOUGLAS — A Business 2.0 blogger yesterday blew up Google's tweaked Zeitgeist (which tracks gainers, not top searches). He also deconstructed the PR-friendly "top" lists made by AOL and Yahoo (revealed: AOL's real top searchword is "google"). But what are the top searches on sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Craigslist?

I have no idea, so I made them up. Hey, if Yahoo does it, so can I.


  1. boba fett death disputed
  2. tricia helfer
  3. perl vs. python
  4. futurama in-jokes
  5. africa deletion insignificant


  1. kitties
  2. super-saturated landscape
  3. photos with bad blur passed off as "artistic"
  4. blogger conference
  5. sky
  6. sky
  7. more damn sky


  1. hazing law
  2. hot girl sociology 201
  3. if 100,000 people join this group al gore will run for president
  4. up for: "anything i can get"


  1. math homework
  2. recipes
  3. productivity tips
  4. stock market
  5. children's games
  6. complete works of shakespeare

Digg and Reddit (these were oddly identical)

  1. awesome
  2. amazing
  3. pics
  4. video
  5. digg vs. reddit
  6. wtf is a false dichotomy


  1. that blogger conference i saw on flickr
  2. spaghetti monster places of worship
  3. giztoto— engageme— cruncherbot— whatever blog knows when i can get an iphone


  1. "free rent"
  2. "free rent" -"free sex"
  3. drum circle
  4. my stolen bike
  5. w4m
  6. ww4m
  7. wwwwww&dog4m

This is an installation of Diggbait, a daily column by Nick Douglas, who also writes for Eat the Press. He likes robots, words, and hospitalized kids (but was only kidding about putting them there).