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A Defamer operative who got his hands on a preview screener of FX's upcoming Dirt, Courtney Cox's attempt to launch an edgy, post-Friends TV career on basic cable by playing precisely the type of tabloid editor who torments her and her camera-shy family on a daily basis, submitted this brief review of the series's first two episodes. [Mild spoilers ahead, we suppose] As expected, there's FX's requisite naughtiness in the form of some semi-nudity and light swearing; somewhat less expected: Cox's repeated use of a vibrator and ex-Laker Rick Fox being bent over a hot tub and sodomized by a strap-on. Says our tipster:

I just watched the first 2 eps of the new FX show, Dirt. It's completely preposterous, but should get some of the Nip/Tuck crowd, I suppose - it's the same kind of 'guilty pleasure'; shamefully watchable, blah blah blah.

There's lots of belabored parallels to real tabloid stories (sex tapes, lots of coke, etc.), and an awkward mixing of real celebs and fake ones, which never quite works (i.e. someone will list a bunch of names, like "You know, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Holt McLaren..."). David Fincher, the director, is in it, for some reason, and there are multiple scenes of a very thin Courtney Cox masturbating with a vibrator. In envelope-pushing cable TV fashion, "shit" is every other word and there's a handful of ass shots. The highlight of the whole show, though, is former L.A. Laker Rick Fox, as a Los Angeles basketball star, getting sodomized in fairly graphic FX detail by a girl with a strap-on. Like, there are thrusts, and he's bent over a hot tub.

The "Uncensored" section of the show's official website promises an online area called "Dirt Uncovered with David Arquette," but offers no hint of what behind-the-scenes delights might eventually be found there. Our fingers are crossed for uncomfortable segments in which Cox's goofball, co-producing househusband tries to offer helpful input into the star's crucial vibrator choice, but instead accidentally reveals a little too much about her real-life sex toy preferences, letting slip, "Oh, don't pick that one, it's waaay smaller than the one you use at home."