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While many have chosen to disparage the massive bonuses "earned" by Wall Street figures this year, the stout souls at the New York Sun, whose failure to produce a financially viable business model has surely engendered their respect for any sort of fiscal acumen, take a stand for the billionaires. In an editorial yesterday, the paper declared that,

News of a good year, performance-wise, at Goldman Sachs and of compensation to match for the firm's employees and executives has set some of our competitors — and no doubt, plenty of other New Yorkers — into singing carols of socialism. The New York Post's Sean Delonas, one of the great humorists in town, drew a cartoon, published in the paper, depicting the Goldman bankers as common criminals, complete with bandit masks. It's something to imagine Rupert Murdoch reading that over his cornflakes in the apartment on Fifth —

Wait a second, did they just call Sean Fucking Delonas "one of the great humorists in town"? Holy fuck, we finally understand why Alicia Colon has a column in this paper: The people who publish it are morons.

Goldman $achs [NYS]

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