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In times like these, we're really grateful that being a lawyer is so sucky. Why? Because it means that the lawyers who've defected to the blahhgosphere can give us plenty of expert legal analysis. Over at the HuffyPo, ex-lawyer Rachel Sklar and co. provide some much-needed insight into whether or not Judy will triumph in her wrongful termination suit against HarperCollins. Their conclusion? Basically, yeah. Their contention is that HarperCollins couldn't use the OJ book as a reason to fire Regan because it was greenlit by her higher-ups, so they pulled her "anti-Semitism" out of a hat. But her previous slap on the wrist for the mezuzah thing might ruin their case:

Regan was known to make outrageous, offensive statements, and that it was accepted at HarperCollins as the norm. The New York Times reports that Regan had an HR reprimand three years ago. An HR reprimand, three years ago. That says "slap on the wrist, now please resume raking in boatloads of cash" if anything does. The more evidence there is that Regan talked trash like this all the time, the harder it will be for HarperCollins to suddenly claim that they were shocked — shocked! — that she would dare speak that way.

Aw, MAN! Well, no matter what happens, rest assured that the stymied legal eagles of HuffPo will continue to keep you updated every time anyone involved in this case, like, takes a shit.

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