You've by now had some time to savor every last morsel of Donald Trump's buffet of fat jabs and stupid-lady jokes aimed squarely at Rosie O'Donnell. We can finally share with you the attack that started it all: a spirited invective in its own right from O'Donnell, in which she first performs an amazing approximation of the Manhattan land baron's otherworldy hair, then calls him out for his self-serving "pardoning" of the cokey-boozy reigning Miss USA, and concludes with heartwarming Hannukah wishes for Trump to "sit and spin, my friend."

Sadly, Rosie's rebuttal (above) doesn't exactly bring it: She points out spouse Kelli Carpenter, in the audience for moral support (and, now that Trump mentions it, is kind of way too hot for her ), then Rosie offers a wordless response in the form of a dyspeptic facial gesture. Her blog, meanwhile (partially down due to heavy traffic) contains the portion of Trump's Wikipedia entry focusing on his bankruptcy, and a brief blogku: "i will let u know/if the donald sues me/or if kelli leaves me/for one of his pals/dont u find him charming." Still, the hits keep coming from Trump, who called in to Good Day LA today, informing them, among other things, that his good friend Barbara Walters can't stand O'Donnell, that he once approached Rosie at a theater and told her, "Congratulations on your failed magazine," and concluding with an ill-chosen simile involving a freshwater mollusk that we won't soon forget. And lest us forget the Extra press release we received this morning, featuring the following quote: "Look at her life. Her life is a mess. She's a mess. Believe me, her girlfriend cannot be happy...She can't be thrilled kissing Rosie O'Donnell. What's worse than that?...Can you imagine what Kelli has to put up with? Living with a pigface is very tough."

God bless us, every one!