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Being late to the party on good television shows has its pluses and minuses. On the one hand, you don't have to participate in annoying office chatter about what happened on, say, Deadwood the night before. On the other hand, you have to listen to annoying office chatter about a TV show that you don't care about ... yet.

For a long time, Six Feet Under was one of those shows for us. We admit, we were a mite skeptical for a spell because our mom was strangely enthusiastic about the show, and the last show she'd gotten into in such a fashion was Felicity. But finally, around season 4, we decided to see what all the hype was about—and, duh, we were hooked. The only problem was that we'd been plopped down in the middle of a very complicated highbrow soap opera, and it took most of season 4 for us to realize just how batshit crazy Rachel Brenda [clearly, we have conflated actress and character—Ed.] was; and that Nate is kind of a dick, even though he's hot; and that we did feel bad for the mom, even though she can be extremely annoying, and if she were our mom we might want to crawl into one of the coffins on the premises.

We couldn't commit to Netflix, and when we attempted to watch the show in syndication on Bravo, we didn't like the whole commercial interruption thing. So when we heard about the box set, which brings together all five seasons of the show, we had our beady little eyes on it from the get-go. So in the holiday spirit, we bought it for ourselves, even though it's totally expensive and we really can't afford it.

The brilliance of the show aside, the box set itself has its own insider-y features that'll excite SFU dorks and casual fans alike. The top of the box is covered in Astroturf! Real Astroturf! Also, there's a booklet accompanying the DVDs with obituaries of all of the cast members—and they've managed to do it in a way that's not a spoiler for anyone who didn't watch it basically in reverse, as we did. There are also two soundtrack CDs in the package, one of which features the annoyingly addictive song by Sia, "Breathe Me," that closes out the series. (If the scene where Claire drives off into the sunset with that song playing didn't make you cry, then you're a cold, heartless bastard, and we have nothing left to say to you.) And, of course, there's the standard extras, cast commentary, etc., that ensure we will have little else to do in the next few weeks but dissect each and every episode of the show, over, and over, and over again.

Six Feet Under—The Complete Series Gift Set

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