Because you didn't ask for them — in fact, because you begged us repeatedly not to share them with you — we're bringing you more of Transamerica possible-man Felicity Huffman's boudoir hints, gleaned from her new book, A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend. Ever wondered whether the entity known as Filliam H. Muffman has ever invited a special guest star into their nuptial bed? Not until right this minute, eh? Well, wonder no more!

If we want to do this, we'll let you know. There's nothing more tiresome than a guy dropping enormous hints all the time. Okay, there may come a day when we actually want to drag someone into bed with us, but if it's a woman, she won't be the vacant bimbo from the health club with huge fake tits whom you've been fantasizing about. It'll probably be that slender brunette from yoga class, and be careful, because if you're not the cunning linguist you think you are, you're about to get shown up. Also, we might want to invite your sexy best friend, Titus. So think about that before you suggest inviting ours.

"Titus," eh? Not for long!

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