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· The holidays take two biggies from us: Frank Stanton, credited with turning CBS into "the Tiffany network," and the hardest working man in showbiz, James Brown, who was telling friends until the very end that he'd be playing Times Square New Year's Eve. [Variety, THR]
· Dreamgirls took in a healthy $8.7 million on Christmas Day. In a joint announcement with the Association of Chinese Restaurant Owners of America, DreamWorks thanked "all the Jews out there who made this Christmas an unparalleled success!" [Variety]
· The FCC refuses to back down on their Nipplegate fine for CBS, whose lawyers you can be sure have sat down Prince and told him that under no circumstances may he drop his pants to release a thousand white doves come Superbowl half-time this February. [Variety]
· Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined the MPAA anti-pirateers, delivering a statement in which he likened the production of counterfeit DVDs and CDs to "picking someone's pocket or shoplifting." He then handed out T-shirts featuring the campaign logo—a snarling pirate with a DVD eyepatch—which was an image knocked off from a European anti-piracy campaign that everyone really dug. [THR]
· Rupert Murdoch finally dumps his "turd bird," giving Liberty Media his stake in DirecTV in exchange for Liberty's entire stake in News Corp. [THR]