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In today's episode: Robert Downey Jr.; Diane Keaton; Paris Hilton and the Hilton Family; Keith Urban; Johnny Reznick; Aisha Tyler; Luke Wilson; Jeff Goldblum; Adam Brody; Frankie Muniz; Kisten Dunst; Damon Wayans; Michael Rapaport; Minnie Driver; Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey and Melissa Gilbert.

· Christmas day (night really), Robert Downey Jr. in what looked like pajama bottoms eating in the lobby of the Chateau with the new wife. As we sat lamenting over why no Christmas with his son, in walks ex-wife Deb Falconer and the boy, Indio. The kid sits there sullen behind long hair for over an hour, saying nothing, and then the "old" family gets up and leaves. No giant shrink bills in that family or anything.

· Christmas Eve, and who should be sitting near me at Patrick's Roadhouse in the Pacific Palisades? Annie Hall herself, Diane Keaton, who seemed to be enjoying the Sunday L.A. Times with a very handsome younger man and two very well-behaved young children. Is that her beau? The beau's kids? Can't be her kids, right? I'll tell you, that chick is nothing but class.

· Christmas Day. Saw Tina Fey's favorite piece of shit lunching with the fam at Morels in the Grove. Yes, Paris Hilton and the entire Hilton clan. Sitting at an outside table, so everyone could see them, on Christmas! Classy, Hiltons, real classy. I made a quick u-turn and passed by a second time just to make sure. I had planned to see "Children of Men" but it was sold out... seeing the family Hilton brought a little holiday joy into this Jew's lonely Christmas.

· Keith Urban, shopping solo at the gift shop, Fred Segal Melrose. Looking clean, sober and healthy. In his "outfit" of tee, jeans and boots. No Nicole in sight. So the Christmas surprise isn't ruined, we won't mention what went in the shopping bag or what it cost.
And, 10 minutes later, Keith Urban's rock doppelganger, Johnny Reznick of the Goo Goo Dolls doing the "one for me, one for them" last minute Christmas shopping at Chrome Hearts on Melrose. Buying gifts and wearing his new black hoodie out the door.

Wow, who knew famous musicians are "just like us" with their last minute (like 4PM Christmas eve) shopping

· Saw ex-Friends plot device Aisha Tyler at the Hollywood and Western Blockbuster Friday night with what appeared to be her (kind of regal) mother. At the counter, she politely asked the clerk if he would put her unwanted picks back on the shelves for her and he began thanking her for not just "leaving them around like everyone else," to which she responded with an awkward "You're welcome."

I'm also 85% sure I passed a horseback riding Luke Wilson while jogging on the Hollyridge trail above Beachwood Canyon last week, though without my glasses he was pretty much just a hot, dumbstruck-stoner blur.

· I'm a virgin at celeb sitings—but saw Jeff Goldblum talking to a dangerously angular looking woman in a too tight ponytail on the second floor of CRUNCH today. He, wearing the trademark Bono age-defying shades, seemed totally into her, hanging on her every word. But she kept darting her eyes around as if to say "no one is watching us, are they? Look, could you just pretend you're my dad, okay?" BTW, someone needs to do a Goldblum intervention—he rolled the cuff of his jeans at least six inches. Dude. Get a tailor.

· I passed Adam Brody and a male friend talking animatedly as I was walking to my car in the Canter's Deli parking lot and they were headed up the street. Adam has kind of a loud voice, a little squeaky, and he's taller than you'd think. He's a cutie, but he seems less low key than ever.

· Sun. Dec. 17: Saw Frankie Muniz trying not to be spotted in the McDonald's at LAX Terminal 5. Sorry, Frank. Later, I looked up from my book and noticed that Frankie was sitting in the row in front of mine on the flight to ATL — in coach. The flight attendant took special time to tell his very special passenger that he adored "My Dog Skip." A few passengers talked to him, too. Muniz was kind and gracious, and was became animated talking about racing cars.

Fri. Dec. 22: Waiting for the elevator with an armful of bottled gifts at the BevMo in WeHo, I saw Kirsten Dunst (in shades, of course) come out of the elevator.

· I saw Damon Wayans at Plaza Sports Wear in Tarzana doing some last minute Xmas shopping. He was with a really attractive woman and they were all over each other in the shoe section. Thought they were going to do it on top of the Ugg display.

· Yesterday (12/22) saw Michael Rapaport and his son outside of Newsroom Cafe. He's taller than I thought, and has a large bald spot that he isn't trying to hide. Inside, saw Channel 9's Pat Harvey having lunch with what looked to be her daughter. FYI, she wears anchor woman clothes even when not on the air.

· Walking on Main Street when Minnie Driver walking towards us. She looked pretty, in great shape, and a bit sad (looked right through us when my five year old and I smiled hello at her). It was at that moment I realized it's been so long since I've seen her work I couldn't remember what her name actually was. I spent the rest of the block thinking Mimi? Minnie? Mimi? Minnie? What the hell has she done lately? I can't's too bad. Let's call it the Curse of the Streisand.

· 12/22 - Going thru the surprisingly short security line at LAX thinking, why don't I ever see anyone like everyone seems to?, I look behind me to find actor (New Adventures of Old Christine) / writer (What Lies Beneath) Clark Gregg with his wife Jennifer Grey and their brood. Not as exciting as spotting a hot new A-list couple not yet discovered, but satisfying enough at the time.

· Melissa Gilbert at LAX Saturday 6am in the Delta terminal. She was with a bunch of people, looked like family perhaps, who were waiting in the terminal for a flight but then were escorted away by an airline representative to the lounge where us lowly coach-flyers aren't allowed to venture. Not an overly exciting sighting, I know but i'm bored and it kept me occupied here in.the terminal for a few minutes writing this to you guys.