Sylvester Stallone Has Hated Robert Evans Since The Whole 'Duffle Bag Full Of X-Rated Polaroids' Incident

With his superannuated former heavyweight champion picture doing plucky business at the box office, a repurposed Sylvester Stallone is proving to have a legitimate shot at the title of Hollywood's Greatest Oldspiration, currently held by ancient producing mystic Robert Evans. But theirs is a long simmering rivalry, which, according to Page Six, began when the notorious ladies' man shared his impressive archive of Polaroid-captured conquests with the actor:

"ROCKY Balboa" star Sylvester Stallone answered a few fan questions on But he also cleared up the tiff between him and Robert Evans, which caused him to withdraw from the 1984 Francis Ford Coppola movie "Cotton Club." According to Sly, one afternoon Evans "dumped a duffel bag full of X-rated Polaroids" in front of him, and in that pile was "a very X-rated Polaroid" of the girl he was dating. "I thought blood was going to come out my eyes," wrote Stallone, saying the incident "was beyond anything so perverse."

Whatever doesn't kill you in Hollywood, the old saying goes, is likely to cause massive subconjunctival hemorrhaging, and so we salute Stallone for managing to overcome his body's natural impulse to turn its optical orbits into two gushing hemoglobin fountains the instant they registered the image of his then-girlfriend twisted into a nearly impossible Kama Sutric pose beneath an expanse of rich, Corinthian naked Evans flesh.

[Photo Illustration: Gawker]