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We've been sort of idly consumed by the question of who's behind Socialite Rank, though, quite frankly, the question of who's behind the anonymous site seems like a bit of a red herring to us. But we're still willing to entertain guesses, especially convoluted, pseudo-scientific ones. Take this theory that landed in our inbox today, involving a group of six people who've been tracking the site for the last six weeks. They each posted negative comments about various socialite who've been rumored to be behind the site who "could have been using the website for their own benefit." Then they kept track of which comments were deleted. The possibly incriminating results after the jump. (Not that the photo at right has anything to do with the results. Well, okay, maybe it does.)

None of the negative comments -amazingly- about Tinsley were deleted

None of the negative comments -amazingly- about Fabiola were deleted

None of the negative comments about any of the Hearst were deleted

Some of the negative comments about Lauren were deleted

Some of the negative comments about Olivia P were deleted

ALL the negative comments about Genevieve Jones were deleted AND EVERY IP that engaged in negative comment about la Jones was BANNED from commenting IT did not happen to any other IP even those that engaged in racial slurs against hispanics.

Conclusions are all yours.

One more thing : we were also told that G Jones is quite skilled with Adobe Photoshop and that not having
the pedigree she and her friends latched to the image of Tinsley to make it look as if she was the one
behind the socialiterank while giving credibility to Jones - who came from nowhere to socialite stardom by bedding Francesco Clemente and others.

That about settles that, then. Well, not really, but it's lettuce for thought. (Also for thought—Jones is BFF with "writer" Derek Blasberg, who has denied up and down that he's affiliated with SR. Maybe, maybe not!)

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