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The Best Week Ever blog continues their "10 Best 10 Best Lists of 2006" with #3, The 10 Gayest Moments of 2006. It reads as a pretty hysterical stroll down this year's yellow-bricked memory lane, including such highlights as #9 ("The 6-foot Long Hoagie That is the Jake/Lance/McConaughey Sandwich"), #7's Ryan Seacrest/Teri Hatcher photo-op smooching session ("'Anus-Mouth' has never made more sense in our eyes,") and this write-up of the one movie sure to represent the Rainbow Rebellion at this year's Oscars, Dreamgirls:

4. Dreamgirls Is This Year's Brokeback Mountain.

We got a call from a friend on Monday, who gave us this report from a Dreamgirls screening in New York: "The entire audience was gay men and straight women." Indeed, Dreamgirls (our favorite movie of the year — our being mine, I'll give the guys a break on this one) is the gayest romp since Heath and Jake zipped their sleeping bags into a single love cocoon. Those outfits! That hair! That weird gay disco dancing scene with the huge red light sabers! An overweight black diva! We only hope this movie is wearing protection as it thrusts its power ballads up into your musical loving ass.

We're going to savor that last sentence for a while, trying our best to ignore its deeply offensive implications that a movie musical based loosely on the life of Diana Ross could be so gay, it could actually cause audiences to seroconvert.