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Commit a crime in the nightclub business, and it's your victim who'll be looking at a laundry list of consequences if you're successful. In any criminal endeavor, there's an element of risk involved. In the ID-checking game, however, this risk is borne solely by the bar and club employees who'll find themselves sitting in the back of a squad car when some nineteen year-old manages to procure that first precious sex-on-the-beach.

In a report being released today, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will propose several reforms aimed at making bars and nightclubs safer - including plans to go after partiers who use the bogus IDs.

On behalf of our friends in the industry, many of whom have been burned by the city's unwillingness to prosecute the people who cause these problems in the first place, we say it's about damned time.

Hold The Phony! City Targets Fake ID Kids [NYP]