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So, record numbers of slow-moving, five-abreast sidewalk-blocking Michiganders are in New York this month, pushing back the start of our workdays by keeping us from going where we need to go. Read the story. It's informative, if not particularly groundbreaking. The headline, however, is what's important. It appears to us as though the Daily News hasn't yet veered into the neverland of blog clich -dom, opting to use an actual heart symbol instead of claiming that the tourists in question "heart" New York.

"Tourists are our future - these are the people who generate the moneys that give an awful lot of the people in this city a job, and we are not going to walk away from that," Bloomberg said.

We're sure everyone "hearts" New York. We're even more sure that nobody "hearts" a crappy blog clich .

Record Number of Tourists Say: I "Heart" N.Y. [NYDN]

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