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Yes, John Edwards has announced he's running for president, and former President Gerald Ford kicked it, but there could be another political shift in the works. We received word that the powerhouse New York State Independence Party, via a member of its executive committee, is attempting to draft a nascent political force into running for office. You've probably heard of her; on name recognition alone, she'd more than have a chance at getting elected. Also, unlike Hillary Clinton, she's actually from New York state, so she'd be able to bring her knowledge of the state to bear on her time in office. Finally, she's demonstrated a keen awareness of the inner workings of politics on a national level, which is quite remarkable for someone so young. Indeed, the New York Independence Party believes that this person could

motivate young people to be involved in politics and take a greater interest in their community. If you were to run for office in New York, it would cause a groundswell of optimism about the future and army of grassroots activists not seen since Robert Kennedy.

Wow, a comparison with Robert Kennedy! Who, pray tell, could this person with such charisma and political know-how be?

Why, La Lohan, of course. When you think about it, she'd be perfect. But don't take our word for it—let's see what the Independence Party has in mind [sic, including "Regan"]:

There is quite simply no native New Yorker (and very likely no one in the whole country) that has the potential to galvanize voter interest to the extent that you do. I can't tell you how gratified I was to learn that part of the reason you decided to do the film, "Bobby" was to get young people engaged in politics. At the time you said that it was important to bring awareness of a great leader. In these trying times you couldn't be more correct. And in the 21 st century, I think that you have the potential to be the great leader. I realize too, that any run for public office would require a fairly big sacrifice on your part, both in time and further media scrutiny. Sometimes though, there are things important enough to merit that kind of sacrifice and I think the generation of Young people waiting to be inspired by you would hope that it is.

It would seem to me that an office that would be a natural fit for your candidacy would be New York City Public Advocate. It's an office that has a pretty broad and undefined statutory role and is almost completely defined by the person occupying it. Someone with your core belief system, larger than life personality and gift for dealing with the public could use the Bully Pulpit of this office top help millions of New Yorkers. There are a number of other offices, which might be a natural fit for you though. As Albany is currently a cesspool of corruption, badly in need of reform, you may also want to consider a bid for the state legislature. Many celebrities have made the transition from Hollywood to politics, ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura to Sonny Bono and Ronald Regan. Few if any though, had the enormous potential that you posses.

I have a number of other ideas on how you might best influence the political process and get more young people involved. I'd very much like the opportunity to speak with you or your representatives further about this either in person or by phone. I'm tremendously excited about the prospect of a Lohan candidacy. I hope you will be too.

Thanks very much,

Frank Morano
NYS Independence Party
WABC Radio

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