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Want to know why Benchmark-backed Second Life will become an icon of this latest internet bubble? Middle-aged journalists and marketers may get excited by the idea of a virtual world, one they probably read about back in the 1990s when their minds were fresher. But born gamers have enough confidence in their own taste to call Second Life what it is. Boring. Read the fabulous Helen Cheng:

Give me laser guns and gory aliens that, when blasted, spill out gobs of fluorescent goo. Drench me with the sweat of men with biceps the size of elephants and guns as big as mack trucks, their necks pumping with testosterone and agression and popping veins. Give me pretty blonde elves that twirl in cute circles and sophisticated incentive systems that will trap me in a slow spiral of addiction and social withdrawal because it's just soooo good. Make me hunch over my computer night after night, eyes burning and synapses firing, sitting at the edge of my chair as I maneuver armies along the razor thin edge between victory and defeat, watching the parables of mankind unfold, layer after layer upon layer... I know what I am, and that is not a Second Life user. Oh, but hey, I made two avatars over a year ago, so I guess I am a Resident.