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Each week, a reader comment per day is selected for inclusion and veneration in the Gold Star Motel. Standards of excellence are arbitrary, fluid, and contradictory. The reward is strictly honorary (at best). This week:

Re: More Sex Tips From Felicity Huffman
rufus - "Titus, of course, is Felicity code for Mamet."

Re: Why It's So Hard To Go Clubhopping
ellagood - "I must be a carrier because every man I date ends up just like that."

Re: John Mayer Continues To Dig In Comedy Gold Mine
TedSez - "My guess is that he leans close into the microphone and whisper-croons a few jokes about what bluesmen do in their spare time. Then you look over and see that your girlfriend's having an orgasm."

Re: Who Gets the Saddam Snuff Clip?
Fuzzy_Duffel_Bag - "Bill O'Reilly is going at himself with the falafel thing just thinking about this."