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When we saw this creepy cel phone picture of Steve Buscemi on the Daily Slope message board (that venerable repository of organic baby food debates), we had a shock of familiarity — we'd seen it before, in our very own tipline. But we hadn't posted it, because, well, ick. (Also, our map doesn't extend to Brooklyn — so, while we love hearing what cute thing Heath and Michelle have gotten up to, we're not capable of publicizing it. Make a note of it.) But 'Cabaki' didn't stop at going the extra mile to share her Buscemi shot with the world. She also went on to share her lifetime laundry list of the celebs she's spotted. It includes Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Ethan Hawke, Sarah Jessica Parker, and "mr. big (chris noth) from sex and the city TWICE."

We're pretty impressed, Cabaki. But we're not sure you're, you know, living in New York hard enough. You still haven't crossed paths with Mike Myers???

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