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· Monday's Rose Parade will feature George Lucas and hundreds of nerds fans dressed as Stormtroopers marching alongside a "Star Wars Spectacular" float "inspired by the landscape of the planet Naboo." Also: The Grambling State U. marching band from Louisiana dressed as Imperial officers, playing "Main Title," "Imperial March" and "The Throne Room," with a "New Orleans Twist." OK, now we kind of want to check this out. [Variety]
· A look at ten "sure thing" stories predicted for 2006 that never panned out, including "Pellicano scandal is Hollywood's Watergate," "Kevin Reilly is on his way out," and all those agency merger rumors that ultimately went nowhere. [Variety]
· It was the year of the midrange budget movies, from Borat to Jackass: Number Two. Look for many more wobbly Handicam movies featuring even more testicles and homoerotic pranksterism in 2007. [Variety]
· The networks are grappling over whether or not to air Saddam Hussein's execution, with Fox reportedly looking at compromising by running a reality special entitled, Saddam Hussein: If We Hanged Him, Here's How We Did It. [THR]
· "Paging Mr. Boll. Mr. Uwe. Boll. Could you please approach the critic-pummeling, hacky video-game-movie director counter?" Capcom partners with Hyde Park Entertainment for Street Fighter: The Movie. [THR]