Just because the year 2006 is horking out its death rattle, that doesn't mean we're going to stop dissecting it while the annum yet still lives. We've burned through a lot of hideously graven images over the last 12 months, and it seems quite appropriate to dwell on a few favorites; they're all courtesy of house lensman Nikola Tamindzic. After the jump, we present our top ten favorite Gawker photos and photo collections of 2006, indisputably ranked and annotated. Enjoy, if you somehow haven't already snuck away for the long weekend.

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10. Team Party Crash: A.M. Homes' Book Party
Really, this one is all about the donut in the publicist's shirt. That pastry rescued the entire affair from bookish tedium.

9. We're Sorry, Yara Flinn!
Actually part of a party crash for Tom Sachs' book launch, Ms. Flinn objected strenuously to an off-the-cuff remark about her attire. This led to a startling avalanche of invective from Gawker commenters, changing our sarcastic regret to actual regret for the disproportionate response. To which we say this time, and really: We're sorry, Yara Flinn.

8. Team Party Crash: Pre-Halloween Weekend Triple Play
Three parties' worth of Halloween photos couldn't smother the force of Julia Allison's condom armor. Defense really is the best offense, prophylactically speaking.

7. Team Party Crash: Al Goldstein Book Launch @ Slipper Room
Creepy old men talking avidly about cunnilingus! What more do you want out of a literary event? Cheap drinks too.

6. Team Party Crash: 'Spy: The Funny Years' Launch @ Puck Building
Ah, the good old days, which somehow retroactively involve Harvey Weinstein at every turn. Graydon Carter tolerates Weinstein for his showbiz connection, and because Harvey has yet to eat him. Nice to see the old goats bumping padded shoulders with the young bucks and does drawn to a top-notch open bar.

5. Solo Party Crash: 'New Yorker' Dance PartyThe big shocker was not that tickets to the New Yorker dance party sold out in moments, but that a surprising number of attractive women actually attended. If you told any of them you knew Seymor Hersh, you were guaranteed at least a little dancefloor frottage.

4. Team Party Crash: 'Time' 100 Party
Notable chiefly for its abnormally high content of actual for-real celebrities. A couple of bloggers and media types got let in by mistake, but we hear security will be much tighter for the Time 200 party in 2106.

3. Team Party Crash: The Big Fat Marc Jacobs Party
Also celebrity-packed, though trending towards the far more objectionable end of the spectrum. As for the above Jared Leto, it was either this or Vincent Gallo. No winners in that game.

2. Gawker Pinup Gallery: Gabriel Delahaye
As if you didn't know this was coming. Not since the days of beloved, departed, sainted Jessica Coen has the Gawker mailbag strained under its load of inappropriate sexual propositions. Even the lesbians want a piece of Gabe, though they not why.

1. Team Party Crash: Toby Young's Book Party
A rare case of something actually happening at a media party ... AND YOU ARE THERE! Ian Spiegelman throws a drunken shove-punch at nemesis Doug Dechert. That was all. There were also some words, but they didn't actually take anything outside. What, you expected real blood or something? Maybe next year.