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We speak not of the canonical 1999 three-disc set here, since there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't have it already, but the recent addition to Continuum's superlative 33 1/3 series (wherein single, seminal albums are given full-length book treatment). This volume was written by L.D. Beghtol, who is an excellent choice considering that not only does he dabble in music criticism, but was also one of the five primary voices on the record (he can be heard to best effect singing the lead on "For We Are The King Of The Boudoir").

Best considered a companion piece to the booklet that accompanies the box set (You do have the box set, right? We only ask because it seems like every girl in New York has some odd combination of loosies that includes two disc number ones and no disc number three or some variation thereof; maybe we should set up a big swap meet so that everyone can get their collections in order.), the book is divided into three parts: a lexicon of terms and phrases that occur on the album, an oral history of the album's creation and reception, and a field guide to each track with trivia concerning the recording process. While we wish that we could recommend this book to non-TMF (apparently, that's the acronym for the band; who knew?) fans, we're afraid that it might be a little too much "inside baseball." But that's just fine: If you're not a fan of the album, we're pretty sure that we don't want to know you anyway. For the rest of you, we're pretty sure you're going to love it.

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