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We enjoyed Star's cover story on Mary Kate Olsen's reanorexia as much as or possibly more than most people — "HER EATING COACH IS GONE" is a great name for a post-hardcore band, by the way — but we couldn't help but notice that some of the pictures of "Mary Kate" looked suspiciously full-bodied and — how to put this? — differently nosejobbed than the others. Today, WWD confirmed our suspicions: according to their publicist, the twin in at least one of the pictures is indeed Ashley, not Mary Kate. We guess those tricky twins confuse the Star photo department by periodically switching off haircolors, but we rely on other clues to distinguish one from the other. We thought we'd help out the Star photo editors with a handy list of our personal Olsen twin "tells" — subtle clues that reliably determine which platform-booted, layered-looked lady is the rexy twin and which is the relatively healthy-looking fraternal counterpart.

1) Generally wears about three fewer layers.
2) Weighs about 20 lbs more.
3) Japanese-style eye-widening surgery worked out better.

1) Bag o' bones
2) Sad look in eyes
3) Looks more like a duck.

Hope this is helpful!

Memo Pad: Which Is It Again? [WWD]