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From measuring-contest-obsessed Hollywood, where studios regularly unzip their pants and flop their bounty on the pages of Variety in deluxe gatefold ads, comes yet another story of an impressive box office performance, this time from a Katherine Heigl-Tom Sizemore vehicle we're almost certain you haven't seen, Zyzzyx Road:

Zyzzyx Road reach[ed] an astonishing 30 dollars at the domestic box office.

That's not a typo. I didn't mean 30 million dollars. Or 300,000 dollars. Zyzzyx Road, released on February 25th of 2006, was released in one theater, where it played for six days and earned 30 dollars total. That would be an average of five dollars per day, although Box Office Mojo tells us that the film actually made the bulk of its money - twenty bucks - on the opening weekend.

Amazingly, for a movie that was seen by only three people (or possibly six if they were matinee patrons), Zyzzyx tested through the roof, with an amazing 67% of comment cards rating the film as "very good" or "excellent," and citing in particular its "strong performances" and "surprising twists and turns," such as when "when Tom Sizemore's character stopped mid-sentence, looked into the camera, and threatened to gouge the director's eyes out with a can opener if he didn't immediately find a check in his hands large enough to cover that week's meth-and-hooker bill."