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Ask anyone in L.A. if they have ever seen the House of Davids, and you're likely to be greeted with an enthusiastic round of nodding heads and disgusted faces familiar with the infamous Hancock Park residence one might describe as an architectural interpretation of the top tier of Siegfried and Roy's fantasy wedding cake. But not much is known about the house's owner—until now, that is, as Losanjealous notes the following cast bio on the site for a new E! reality show already guilty of flagrant false-zip-code-advertising, High Maintenance 90210:

Norwood Young

Position: Music producer in need of a do-anything butler
Domestic Cred: Young lives in one of the most notorious homes in L.A., known for nude statues in the front yard. The swimming pool floor even features a mosaic portrait of his likeness.
Household Wisdom: "How are you with kids? Because I have two kids. This is Divo and this is Diva. Make sure [the poodles are] brushed and fed each day. Can you handle that?"

Based on purely superficial first impressions, we're not sure how well ruddy-cheeked High Maintenance co-star Brian Armstrong, billed as "butler to the stars," will fare in his potential new master's (pictured) employ. Young's exacting poodle-servicing specifications and stubborn insistence that his Michelangelan lawn ornaments be buffed to a high sheen might prove to be too much for the aspiring servant to handle, and ultimately lead to the riveting episode in which he suffers a nervous butler breakdown on national television.