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· The 3000-member Producer's Guild of America named the nominees for its awards, with the producers of Babel, The Departed, Dreamgirls, Little Miss Sunshine and The Queen all nominated for best picture. Unlike the Academy Awards limit of three, their awards have no cap on the number of producer's names that can be submitted under a single title, meaning no movie money person will be left out from the fun of feeling like PGA queen for a day. [Variety]
· The Oscars also have a three name rule for Best Song, meaning Dreamgirls' "Listen"—with four credited songwriters including Beyoncé—wasn't eligible unless one name was dropped; the Academy decided that name will be Beyoncé's, in all probability closing the door on her one Oscar shot, while ensuring her Jennifer Hudson voodoo doll sees another needle. [The Envelope]
· The Oscar nominating ballots went out Tuesday, arriving before most Academy members were even back from vacation, and are due back on January 13, meaning marathon screener viewings will be required. Otherwise, a quick match of DVD shuffle board can always quickly knock a few entries out of contention. [THR]
· The Academy has added a 115-member makeup branch (including hairdressers), where those artists used to be lumped into the all-service "members-at-large" category. That's a tenth of the size of the actor's branch, but still may be enough to swing a Best Picture nomination Big Momma's House 2's way. [Variety]