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So that rock that fell from the heavens and landed in New Jersey? May have been a meteorite; it's hard to tell these days. Still, the crack team at the Star-Ledger went above and beyond to give you the full scoop:

It came from the sky. That much everyone can agree on. It came down fast, too. Fast enough to punch a hole in the roof of a Monmouth County home and crack a tile in a second-floor bathroom. At just 3 1/2 inches long and more than three-quarters of a pound, it was oddly heavy. And oddly smooth, despite its somewhat craggy appearance. It was hard, too.

Hot. (If this were Emily posting, the "Just like my cock" joke would go here.) In any event, whatever the rock turns out to be, it provided plenty of interesting supposition:

Could it be the notorious "blue ice," otherwise known as an airplane's toilet contents and sometimes mistaken for a meteorite? No chance, Murray said. Blue ice melts, leaving those who find it crestfallen and not a little skeeved.

We're still awaiting confirmation as to what, exactly, the object is, but, as of press time, it had indicated that it had come to Jersey because it wanted to marry another rock and was unable to in its place of origin.

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