More On Ann Brashares's "Bargain" Mansion

Still curious about duplicitous YA "author" Ann Brashares's ill-gotten carriage house? To recap, Ann demurred gracefully when asked how much she and her husband had shelled out, though she downplayed the expense to the Times: "it had no living quarters at all, which is why it was a bargain, the couple said." We guess her definition of a "bargain" is a little tiny bit different than ours, though — an intrepider than usual tipster dug up the deed, which shows that the house cost $3.65 million (this before Ann and hubby untertook the $500/square foot renovation). Okay, okay, we get it: crime pays, cheaters always prosper. But we're still looking for further illumination on the whole "is her painter husband actually Jewily-hot?" issue. Advise?

Ann Brashares Flaunts Her Ill-Gotten Gains