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In between their predictable outbursts of fanciness and sycophanciness ("she's a darling. a stylish one too." "she's so darling"), the Socialite Rank commenters (by the way, the real Socialite Rank mystery = who are the Socialite Rank commenters?? Seriously!) seem to have come across an intriguing discrepancy. On an unrelated post today, commenter 'nan' writes:

why is NY social diary suddenly of [sic] the links. trying to keep it on the DL DPC?

It's true: the elder statesman of rich people goss is no longer on the Rankles' blogroll. Did he do something to upset them, or the Social status quo? We briefly skimmed his site for clues, but we had to stop when a photo of Nan Kempner's jutting elbow actually popped through the screen and poked us in the eye. If anyone else has the wherewithal to figure out what caused this possible catfight, though, please do clue us in.

Missoni Mania [Socialite Rank]