The yacht that couldn't dock The yacht that couldn't dock The yacht that couldn't dock It's heart-warming to think that billionaire Malibu neighbors might look out for eachother. Oracle founder Larry Ellison , who has been buying up large swathes of the Los Angeles beachside getaway, has been trying without success to offload the Rising Sun ever since he took delivery of the giant yacht. His accountant has been nagging him to cut expenses; the software mogul is building yet another new yacht; and not even Larry Ellison needs three floating pleasure palaces, particularly when one of them is as inconvenient as the Rising Sun, at 454 feet the second largest yacht in the world. "I think I made a mistake, making Rising Sun so big," he told Forbes last year . "It is one and a half football fields long. You can't dock that anywhere." A fact which even Ellison's salesmanship couldn't obscure to potential buyers such as Lakshmi Mittal , the Indian steel magnate. But we're hearing, third hand, that Ellison may indeed have offloaded, at the very least, an interest in the boat, to LA entertainment mogul, David Geffen , Ellison's privacy-obsessed Malibu neighbor . Geffen is putting together a bid for the troubled Los Angeles Times, so he knows all about gigantic vanity investments.