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· As we mentioned before, the SAG awards nominations announcement pours on the peer-to-peer thespian love, with notable omissions including both Clint Eastwood movies and Jack Nicholson's work in The Departed. On the TV side, recently silenced talk show host Megan Mullally can take a brief break from the tears and nose-blowing knowing her work in Will & Grace's final season was singled out for recognition. [Fox News][Variety]
· Enjoy this photo gallery of SAG's film and TV nominees, suitable for browsing or framing. [The Envelope]
· The Kansas City Film Critics Circle decided on the year's best at their weekly poker game. The winners are: United 93, Forest Whitaker, Helen Mirren, and Paul Greengrass for the Robert Altman Award for Directing, renamed from Best Director this year for the Kansas City native's death. []
· "Who's Won What So Far." This Oscar tracker lists every major award and nomination won by the major contenders thus far. This would be better laid out in a chart, which true awards nerds might want to set aside some time to make as a craft project. [AP]