Lindsay Lohan Kicks Off The New Year With A Suspicious Hospital Stay, 2007 Appendicitis Edition

Almost exactly one year after the confetti falling from the ceiling of a Miami nightclub during a New Year's Eve celebration triggered a severe "asthma attack" in the notoriously fragile starlet, Lindsay Lohan again finds herself the victim of another freakish medical emergency, as People, TMZ, and E!'s Marc Malkin all exclusively report that Lohan is being hospitalized today to have her appendix removed. Loyal, embattled rep Leslie Sloane Zelnick, who now has been forced to delete "appendicitis" from the list of excuses that she can use to explain her client's next absence from the set of current project I Know Who Killed Me, assured Malkin that Lohan will "be totally fine" after a couple of days of recuperation, during which the actress's body will adjust to the fresh supply of Grey-Goose-free blood and back-up liver she's having installed during the appendectomy procedure.