'Times': Mike Myers, Reclusive Genius

If you'll recall, we recently reinstated our ban on posting sightings of ubiquitous Canadian comedian Myers, his "hipster" girlfriend, and his hockey stick. So it was a little odd to hear, from the Times, about how much we miss him. Apparently, The Cat in the Hat is taking a break from the big screen to recharge his creative batteries — after all, as Myers told James Lipton, "There's process and there's product. And when you're too long on product, you forget about your process." The article goes on to compare the 'Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party' star's creative output to that of Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, among others, who aren't as selective as the projects they take on. And Myers' abstemiousness won't end anytime soon:

For another year, then, at least, audiences will have to make do with Mr. Myers's voice as the big green ogre in "Shrek the Third," his physical absence made easier by the notion that they've been spared the blighted vintages that might well have been the Myers product of 2004, 2005 or 2006 — and that he's continuing to work, however deliberately, on a splendid '08.
We hope we'll find some way of soldiering through.

Mike Myers: Intentional Man of Mystery [NYT]
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