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  • Ann Moore is about to fire about 150 of Time's people of the year. [NYP]
  • Does Rupert Murdoch have and interest in buying Tribune? Probably not, but it's always fun to speculate. [WWD]
  • Buzz Bissinger: "Given what is happening at the Inquirer, I hope that columnists Stephen A. Smith and John Grogan do what is right and take voluntary buyouts given they have both hit the jackpot in other realms and could care less about what they write for the paper. They both mail their columns in now." Thumbs up. [Blinq, scroll down in comments]
  • Wanna be the chairman of the Beeb? There's an opening, you should go for it. [Guardian]
  • David Remnick isn't scared of Mort Zuckerman. [WWD, second item]
  • We liked Gina Trapani's Starbucks tip. [WSJ]