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See that classy little widget? Cond Nast wants all you blushing bridezillas out there to stick it on your MySpace profile; that way, you'll be able to simultaneously help them promote their site and count down the moments that remain until your Specialest Day. The Nast also wants you to help them out by using your profile to host a "bridal quiz" that determines whether you're a "modern, classic, or glamorous" bride. It's an intriguing strategy on their behalf — after all, why MySpace? Well, according to a spokeswoman,

Cond Nast was attracted to MySpace as a hotbed of brides-to-be, boasting nearly 9 million women age 21-24, the prime marriage years.

Uh, yes. Or the prime scamming-on-dudes via MySpace years. Whichever.

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