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We're almost certain that no one's as sick to death as we are of the tired old 'Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko = inferior cunnilingus' joke (with the exception, perhaps, of "Adorable" Dave himself). So we were flooded with a mix of emotions when we learned that he'd once again provided us with a perfect setup. In an AdAge piece on how he and Cosmo E in C Kate White will edit sections of each others' respective mags' May issues, Dave describes the switcheroo like so:

It's a mutual favor that we're doing for each other's readers. If it works out, maybe we'll joint-venture on a parenting magazine.

Uh, we hate to break it to you, Dave, but that's not how babies get made. Also, while we're sure it'll start out 'mutual,' we're pretty sure it'll end up with one magazine getting off while the other hovers awkwardly with its butt in the air, like always.

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