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Grub Street goes deep today, probing the eating habits of Joanna Angel (of Burning Angel fame). Joanna's eating seems pretty Williamsburg-centric, which makes sense: that's where her office is. She tries to keep it healthy — "I ate a bagel from the Bagelsmith — I get egg whites and cheese on an everything bagel. I'm trying to stay in shape, considering my job and all," — but like all of us, she's prone to late-night fast food bingeing:

After midnight I ordered pierogis and a hummus platter from Anytime.

Really? ANYTIME? We think that the 24-hour last resort's greasebombs are the grossest shit we've ever put in our mouth, but we guess Joanna would probably beg to differ.

Porn Impresario Joanna Angel's Guilty Pleasure is an Egg And Cheese Sandwich [Grub Street]