Next Year's 'New York' Mag Cool Neighborhood, Today

This year, New York magazine deemed Jersey City the newest cool neighborhood. In the spirit of helpfulness, we'd like to point our friends at NYM to today's article about Newark:

After 30 years of decline and a decade of sporadic renewal efforts, the two-mile boulevard through Newark's Central Ward — known as High Street until 1983 — is showing signs of progress. So is the entire city.

More than 2,500 private homes are being built, Barnes & Noble is looking downtown, and hundreds of suburbanites and New Yorkers are moving into the city's first luxury high-rise in a generation.

And that's not all. Mayor (not governor, contrary to popular belief) Cory Booker "often talks about luring a Whole Foods market to the city." That just about seals the deal, then.

Boulevard in Newark Runs From Decline to Rebirth [NYT]
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