This year, New York magazine deemed Jersey City the newest cool neighborhood. In the spirit of helpfulness, we'd like to point our friends at NYM to today's article about Newark:

After 30 years of decline and a decade of sporadic renewal efforts, the two-mile boulevard through Newark's Central Ward — known as High Street until 1983 — is showing signs of progress. So is the entire city.

More than 2,500 private homes are being built, Barnes & Noble is looking downtown, and hundreds of suburbanites and New Yorkers are moving into the city's first luxury high-rise in a generation.

And that's not all. Mayor (not governor, contrary to popular belief) Cory Booker "often talks about luring a Whole Foods market to the city." That just about seals the deal, then.

Boulevard in Newark Runs From Decline to Rebirth [NYT]
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